Rapid Product Innovation Series

Equipping supernatural entreprenuers

Do you have a God-given business idea, but don't know where to start? Are you running a current business but looking to expand with a new product or service but are unsure if it will work? Knowing how to evaluate and structure a new business opportunity unlocks limitless potential to execute whatever the Lord calls you to do. In the Rapid Product Innovation course, we teach you how to evaluate and launch business from frameworks taught at Harvard Business School. This class is highly interactive and will take you through the actual steps to launch a lean start-up. You will be taught and mentored by a Harvard Business School graduate.

Get Started Fast

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  • Learn Your Market

    Every new product requires a new market entry strategy. We teach you several methods to analyze the market in which you will enter. We won't stop at learning. You will spend time using the frameworks and tools to evaluate your market.

  • Refine Your Product

    Ideas given by God require grounding out in the natural. You will learn a detailed analysis framework that you can use to fully develop a product or service. You will answer key questions around the price, cost, development, and more!

  • Define your Customer

    All business ideas have one thing in common-customers. Often entrepreneurs put more emphasis on their God-given idea, than learning to connect into the need of the ultimate customer. We will go very deep into customer development to inform your marketing and sales strategy.

Bonus Material

Get the extra tools needed to succeed

  • Assignment Coaching

    You will receive realtime feedback on each of the assignments that you do in this course. You will be able to incorporate this feedback into an iterative learning process.

  • Assignment Worksheets

    You will receive several frameworks that you can not only use for the assignments in the class but also to evaluate other business ideas that you have. The frameworks that you use for your first idea can be used over and over!

  • Proven Framework

    You will be taught the best-in-class frameworks for launching a lean start-up taught at Harvard Business School. You will learn how to reduce the cost and time to launch your idea. The lessons you learn will help you avoid costly mistakes that most entrepreneurs make.


Senior Instructor

Christian Duval

Christian is a passionate entrepreneur with a full career in the business world. With a B.S. in Engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School with distinction, Christian has over 15 years of experience in organization transformation, business model innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur, she has launched several ventures, including Ayur Luxe, a premium beauty brand and Naturally Cravables, a snack foods business.

Launch with Confidence

Launch right the first time with our best-in-class curriculum for start ups and new product launches

Launching Smart Startups

This course will equip you on how to evaluate your business idea and launch it with the minimum required investment.

  • Get real time feedback on your deliverables from a Harvard MBA

  • Learn the best in class methodology for launching a lean startup or product/service expansion

  • Generate deliverables that answers vital questions you need to launch your product/service

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding the Market

    • Learning Objective: Understanding the Market

    • Survey: Understanding the Market

    • Live Training: Understanding the Market

    • Training Video: Understanding the Market

    • Presentation: Understanding the Market

    • Notes: Porter's 5 Forces

    • Quiz: Understanding the Market

    • Worksheet:Understand the Market

    • Assignment: Understanding the Market Power Point Presentation

  • 2

    Market Pitch Night

    • Survey: Market Presentation

    • Live Training: Market Pitch Night

    • Presentation: Market Pitch Night

    • Training Video: Market Pitch Night

  • 3

    Product Development Model

    • Learning Objective: Product Development Model

    • Survey: Product Development

    • Live Training: Product Development Model

    • Training Video: Product Development Model

    • Presentation: Product Development Model

    • Quiz: Product Development

    • Worksheet: Product Development

    • Assignment: Product Development

  • 4

    Product Development Pitch Night

    • Survey: Pitch Night

    • Live Training: Product Development Pitches

    • Presentation: Product Development Pitch Night

    • Video Recording: Product Development Pitch Night

  • 5

    Customer Development Model

    • Learning Objective: Customer Development Model

    • Survey: Customer Development

    • Live Training: Customer Development Model

    • Video Recording: Customer Development Model

    • Presentation: Customer Development

    • Quiz: Customer Development

    • Quiz: Customer Hypothesis

    • Worksheet: Customer Hypothesis

    • Assignment: Customer Hypothesis

  • 6

    Customer Avatar Pitch Night

    • Survey: Customer Avatar

    • Live Training: Customer Avatar Pitch Night

    • Presentation: Customer Avatar Pitch

    • Video Recording: Customer Avatar Pitch Night

  • 7

    Customer Validation

    • Learning Objective: Customer Validation

    • Survey: Customer Validation

    • Live Training: Customer Validation

    • Presentation: Customer Validation

    • Quiz: Customer Validation

    • Assignment: Customer Voice Analysis

    • Video: Customer Validation

  • 8

    Customer Validation Pitch Night

    • Live Training: Customer Validation Pitch Night

    • Video: Customer Validation Pitch Night

  • 9

    One-on-One Coaching Session

    • Business Coaching Session Instructions

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