Build Your Business God's Way

Starting from original design

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to do things God's way, you cannot afford to miss this class. You can avoid some of the most common mistakes that Christians in business make by learning how to unlock the prophetic destiny for your business. In this class, you will dive deeply into how to position yourself to walk in full alignment with God's mission for your life and business. You will be taught by Daryl Crawford Marshall-a world renowned prophetic coach to businesses and governments. He is highly sought after for his keen ability to hear from the Lord regarding the prophetic direction for businesses and nations. He has done prophetic consultation on multi-million dollar deals and is ready to impart into you!

Unlock Prophetic Strategy

  • Access your Scroll

    Most Christian businesses are run by people with good ideas, but good ideas are not God-ideas. Every God-given business has a heavenly scroll. We teach you how to download blueprints from heaven and integrate heavenly strategy into daily decision-making.

  • Avoid Sabotage

    The enemy will try to subvert the promises of God for your business. We expose the most common ways the enemy will try to sabotage a Kingdom business and what you can do to protect yourself from needless warfare.

  • Birth the Promise

    Entrepreneurs often have no idea of the true purpose of their business. We explore how to find your purpose and give you tools to learn the mission for your business. We also provide a roadmap for how to birth those promises into the Earth.

Bonus material

Get the extra tools needed to succeed

  • Biblical Strategy

    Get the edge in your industry by learning how to receive the heavenly strategy that God has specifically for your business. We teach you the frameworks for how to listen to the voice of God for strategic wisdom.

  • Self Assessments

    After each lesson, you will have a series of self-assessments. The self-assessments will help you diagnose gaps in executing the keys from the lessons and evaluate where you need more direction from the Lord.

  • Coaching (optional)

    You have the option to sign up for the course and 2 coaching hours with Daryl. With one-on-one business coaching, Daryl will help you connect with your mission and help you set the strategic direction for your business.


Senior Instructor

Daryl Crawford Marshall

Daryl is a seer prophet and revelatory teacher who loves to equip the body to operate in higher levels of engaging in the realms of the spirit. His gift has activated many into hearing the voice of God more clearly and moving in the things of the supernatural. Daryl also spends time working alongside business and governmental leaders providing prophetic insight and counsel for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. He also heads up the South Australian Prophetic Council.

Lead with the Lord

Learn how to listen to the voice of the Lord for superior business wisdom!

Getting Prophetic Blueprints

This course will teach you how to tap into the God-given strategies for your business.

  • Connect with your true identity and mission on the Earth

  • Tap into hidden wisdom to help solve your business's toughest challenges

  • Discover the structures within yourself that hold you back from fully manifesting the promises of God

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Heavenly Blueprints and a Shama Heart

    • Learning Objectives: Heavenly Blueprints and Shama Hearts

    • Video: Heavenly Blueprints and Shama Hearts

    • Self Evaluation: Heavenly Blueprints and Shama Hearts

  • 3

    Back to Original Design

    • Learning Objectives: Back to Original Design

    • Video Lesson: Back to Original Design

    • Self Evaluation: Back to Original Design

  • 4

    Heart Matters for Business

    • Learning Objectives: Heart Matters for Business

    • Video Lesson: Heart Matters for Business

    • Self Evaluation: Heart Matters for Business

  • 5

    The Unseen Enemy

    • Learning Objectives: The Unseen Enemy

    • Video: The Unseen Enemy

    • Self Evaluation: The Unseen Enemy

  • 6

    Eat the Scroll

    • Learning Objectives: Eat the Scroll

    • Video: Eat the Scroll

    • Self Evaluation: Eat the Scroll

  • 7

    Kingship over Trending

    • Learning Objectives: Kingship over Trending

    • Video: Upskill to the High Call

    • Self Evaluation: Kingship over Trending

  • 8

    Prophetic Business Coaching

    • Course + 1 Sessions with Daryl Crawford Marshall

Course Price

Flexible payment options for all budgets